The Vosca sunscreen is made of Perspex and fixed on a metal frame. This in order to be able to install it to the windshield of a variety of carmodels. This sunscreen is perfect for keeping an interior of an automobile relatively cool. It avoids being blinded by the sun and thus makes driving les tiring. The sunscreen gives the car a more robust look.


An important advantage of the Vosca car visors is the easy installation. There is no need to drill holes on the outside of the bodywork as the screen will be fixed to the inside of the door pillar with special brackets.
This installation is easy and fast.


In the Benelux the sunscreen has become a known item. Therefore Vosca receives more and more demands for delivery. Especially for passenger cars and spacewagons like de Kia Carnival but also for all new types of 4x4 off the road cars, SUV's and delivery cars. For example the Mis subishi L200, Nissan Navara and the Mercedes Sprinter.


The market for sunscreens is not restricted to the Volvo or Beatle. It would also be excellent for a Mini Cooper. There are a lot of carclubs that could be interested in Vosca Sunscreens. Vosca made 50 replica sunscreens for the Citroën DS Club. As the classic sunscreens are made from a model it can be adapted for different cars. Almost anything is possible.

Off the road market

Vosca participates in the growing market for sunscreens for off the road cars. At this moment Vosca has customers in Belgium, France, Spain and the United Kingdom. For the Middle East countries, The United States and Australia Vosca has excellent products in a variety of colors for models like: Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Suzuki, Ford, Ranger, Opel Campo Frontera etc.

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